Engineer – Time-Based Flow Management

Job Description:
Cavan Solutions is recruiting engineers to support the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM) program. TBFM is a decision support system deployed nationally that provides crossing time and delay advisories for air traffic controllers to meter the demand into terminal areas of busy airports. Cavan supports the FAA’s Second Level Engineering organization with engineering and air traffic control subject matter experts (SMEs) to address field reported issues and design and deploy system enhancements. Engineers supporting TBFM analyze system performance; design, develop, and test site-specific adaptation data; and collaborate with Cavan Solutions’ SMEs and field personnel to test proposed changes.

Qualified applicants must possess the following skills and qualifications
– Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline, mathematics, or physics
– Minimum of 6 years of relevant work experience
– Understand airspace and air traffic control objectives to translate air traffic control SME inputs into adaptation requirements and design
– Strong communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills
– Problem solving and analytical skills
– Creativity and innovation

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
– Analyze adaptation for errors and risk areas; identify and justify recommendations for improvement; document recommended changes
– Collaborate with Air Traffic Control subject matter experts to define, implement, and test new adaptation
– Define and execute test approaches for new or updated adaptation. Testing scenarios may incorporate playbacks of previous traffic, simulations using FAA test labs, or live traffic in a support environment.
– Communicate with other engineers and subject matter experts on the team to ensure all are aware of approaches attempted, whether successful or not.
– Participate in concept reviews conducted by TBFM software contractor to ensure proposed design and approach considers all aspects of the program, achieves the desired goal, and does not overly complicate the end user of support specialist’s job.
– Improve existing or develop new data analysis and adaptation verification tools.

Experience with the following is preferred:
– Time-based flow management (TBFM)
– Linux-based tool and scripting development
– Data analysis and metrics development

– This position requires 50-75% travel depending on project activities and site support activities

Applicants should email a resume to