Internship – SWIM Engineering/Operations Research

Job Description:

Develop a tool to facilitate the acquisition of System Wide Information Management (SWIM)/SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System (STDDS) data.

STDDS publishes terminal aviation data to FAA and commercial users via Java messaging.

The intern will enhance existing SWIM test clients to add functionality for manipulating the data.  In the context of SWIM STDDS data, this would include decoding the delta-encoded ASDE-X airport surface data.  This might also include an adaptable XSLT translator, a (strict) schema validator, and a message broker end-point as a delivery mechanism.

Responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Enhance existing test client to persist data in an internal cache, and using that cache output delta-decoded versions of the input message.
  2. Enhance test client to support an XSLT transformation.  Existing XSLTs are available for reference use.
  3. Enhance test client to perform strict schema validation, as a test tool.
  4. Enhance test client to incorporate message broker functionality, to support publishing outbound messages from a JMS message queue or topic.
  5. Develop documentation for these capabilities.


  • Java experience required
  • JMS messaging (ActiveMQ, WebLogics, Solace), JAXB, XMLBeans, relational databases desired


  • Working towards, or recently earned, engineering, computer science, operations research, mathematics, or physics degree

Applicants should email a resume to