Operational Integration

Cavan Solutions applies ATC Operational expertise to ensure successful implementation planning, deployment, training, operations, and support of NextGen technologies. Our expertise includes the following areas:

  • Mission Needs Assessment
  • Operational Concept Development & Validation
  • ATC Subject Matter Expertise
  • Automation System Adaptation Development
  • Site Deployment & Field Testing
  • Operational Suitability Assessment
  • Air Traffic Procedures Development
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Command Center Operation
  • UAS Training Curriculum Development and Execution
  • UAS Procedures and Operations in the NAS
  • User Training
  • Implementation & Test Planning
  • Verification & Validation

Cavan Solutions’ principals have successfully provided Operational Integration services to numerous FAA air traffic management programs and systems. Some key examples are:

  • En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM)
  • Center TRACON Automation System (CTAS)
  • Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM)
  • Collaborative Air Traffic Management Technology (CATMT) Development & Sustainment
  • Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS)
  • Advanced Electronic Flight Strips (AEFS)
  • Automated Terminal Proximity Alert (ATPA)
  • Closely Spaced Parallel Operations (CSPO)
  • Electronic Flight Strips (EFSTS)
  • Performance Based Navigation (RNAV and RNP)
  • Relative Position Indicator (RPI)
  • Wake Turbulence Mitigation for Arrivals (WTMA)
  • Wake Turbulence Mitigation for Departures (WTMD)
  • Wake Turbulence Recategorization (RECAT)