Recent News

July 2019

Cavan Solutions is proud to announce that Lori DeLorenzo has joined the advisory board for the Aviation Community Foundation (ACF).  ACF is dedicated to supporting the nation’s top youth aviation education programs and students with the mission of Launching 1,000,000 Flight Plans for Life. Through the Flight Plans for Life initiative, ACF is providing supportive environments, life-changing experiences, scholarships, and career pipeline opportunities for those in under-served, at risk communities. While exploring Cavan sponsorship opportunities with ACF Executive Director Jamie Helander, Lori was offered an opportunity to join the advisory board.  Lori said “Jamie was interested in my ideas about the program, and their mission resonated with me.  Aviation changed the course of my life and this opportunity gives me a chance to give back.   I’m excited to be part of the program and for the chance to help others find their future through aviation.”

April 2019

Cavan Solutions is proud to announce that John Fergus, Greg Juro, Robert, Staudenmeier, and Danny Vincent were part of the group that received the NASA 2018 Associate Administrator Awards for Technology and Innovation. The group award is for the Airspace Technology Demonstration-2 (ATD-2)/Integrated Arrival, Departure, and Surface (IADS) Field Demonstration Team. The team has successfully fielded and tested the first-of-its-kind IADS system at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. This air traffic management (ATM) decision support system addresses airspace and airport congestion problems in an integrated fashion, across a broad set of air transportation domains, operators, and air traffic functions. The ATD-2 Team established and operated a fully functioning NASA ATM laboratory at a major U.S. airport, gained the enthusiastic and full cooperation of the external stakeholder community, and performed a technical evaluation of the IADS concept in multiple operational facilities. This evaluation already is demonstrating notable improvements to the predictability and operational efficiency of the U.S. air transportation system in metroplex environments.

February 2019

Cavan is proud to announce that David Rojas is the recipient of the Cavan Solutions Founder’s Award for 2018. The Founder’s Award is named in honor and memory of our co-founder Tom Pritchard – a very smart and humble person. This award is presented to the person who accomplishes great things in an understated way.

David exemplifies the spirit of the Founder’s award. He quietly excels on his projects, goes above and beyond to advance corporate initiatives, and embodies the ethos of collaboration and teamwork.

January 2019

Cavan has completed several key projects for the FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Operational Concepts, Validation, and Requirements AJV-7 organization supporting UAS concept development and NAS integration. In response to a Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) request, Cavan developed an Operational Services Environment Description (OSED) and Concept of Operations for Mode C Veil small UAS (sUAS) cargo delivery operations. Additionally, Cavan developed operational concepts for UAS ATC clearance delivery mechanisms in Class B Airspace. Both of these tasks completed on time and within budget.

June 2018

Cavan Solutions is excited to be a part of the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) team which has been awarded the NASA Academic Mission Services (NAMS) contract to deliver new concepts, tools, and technologies related to aeronautics, science, and aeroflightdynamics.

The contract is for $193 million and is a five-year period of performance.

Cavan Solutions will lead the ATM-X Testbed Support task. The Testbed’s core purpose is to conduct high-fidelity, real-time, human-in-the-loop and automation-in-the-loop simulations of current and proposed future air traffic concepts.

June 2018

Cavan Solutions is proud of Mark Vincent, our summer intern, for his recognition by Baylor University Hankamer School of Business for blending his classroom learning with industry experience to develop his professional skills.

April 2018

Congratulations to Kevin Aurandt for his recognition by RTCA for contributions to DO-365, Detect and Avoid Minimum Operational Performance Standards Phase I (DAA MOPS) and DO-366, Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Air-to-Air Radar Detect and Avoid (DAA) Systems Phase 1.

April 2018

Cavan Solutions is excited to announce that we are part of the winning team selected for the NASA Technical Services for Aerospace Modeling and Simulation III (SimLabs III) contract. The contract supports aerospace systems modeling and simulation facilities at the agency’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.  The prime contractor is Metis Flight Research Associates – a joint venture of Metis Technology Solutions, Flight Research Associated, and Symvionics.

The contract is for $62.8 million, and has a 5 year period of performance.

Services provided under this contract include: systems engineering; software development and systems administration; aerospace engineering and applications programming; graphics programming; simulator hardware and mechanical systems engineering and operations; safety and mission assurance; configuration management; outreach and subject matter expert recruitment; and related contract management functions.

January 2018

Cavan is proud to announce that John Robinson is the recipient of the Cavan Solutions Founder’s Award for 2017. The Founder’s Award is named in honor and memory of our co-founder Tom Pritchard – a very smart and humble person. This award is presented to the person who accomplishes great things in an understated way.

John has done incredible things in just 4 months. He concurrently established Cavan’s engineering approach to TSAS adaptation and provided exceptional and innovative operational data analysis to support FAA programmatic decisions.

December 2017

Cavan Solutions acquired Flatirons Solutions’ Government Services line of business. The deal adds a wealth of human capital and contract assets to Cavan’s expanding aviation portfolio. This business unit has provided systems and software engineering, integration, and analytics support services to FAA, NASA, and other Federal agencies for nearly two decades. This includes supporting modernization of most of the FAA’s major air traffic management systems, concept development and integration work on emerging NextGen technologies, and specialty areas including System Wide Information Management, enterprise architecture, cybersecurity, safety, and aeronautical data management. Cavan Solutions CEO Mary Pritchard described the transaction as a critical step in Cavan’s strategic growth plan. “I am very excited about the addition of Flatirons to the Cavan team. The talented staff and breadth of contracts will have a multiplying effect on our expansion to new customers and ability to help the FAA effectively address NAS integration challenges now and well into the future”.

December 2017

Cavan Solutions has moved into our new office space at Capital Gallery. Our location is conveniently located across the street from FAA Headquarters. Come see us at 600 Maryland Ave SW, Suite 370E, Washington, DC, 20024.

August 2017

Cavan Solutions was awarded a task to support En Route Second Level Engineering National Adaptation Group with TBFM evaluation and testing.

July 2017

Cavan Solutions was awarded a contract to support the FAA ATO Operational Concepts, Validation, and Requirements Directorate (AJV-7) in evaluating concepts and developing requirements for UAS integration.

April 2017

Cavan Solutions was awarded a contract to assist with strategic, acquisition, and technical programs within the FAA PMO (AJM-3) including assisting the FAA Controller Training Contract (CTC) program and the head of the Enterprise Services Directorate.