Systems Engineer – Future Flow Management

Job Description:
Cavan Solutions is recruiting a Senior Level Systems Engineer to support the Future Flow Management (FFM) program. The FAA is responsible for managing the flow of air traffic in the National Airspace System (NAS) based on capacity and demand. The need for efficient aircraft traffic planning is critical. The FFM program will identify and articulate the full range of activities necessary to define and develop a future flow management (FFM) capability to include new mission considerations (e.g., Space Operations, UAS), as well as establish an executable plan for the holistic modernization of an all-encompassing FFM capability. The role will require knowledge of current baseline programs including Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS), Time Based Flow Management (TBFM), and Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM). This position will involve a wide-range of systems engineering tasks to support the FFM program objectives. Assignments frequently require comprehensive knowledge and experience working across functional and/or organizational lines.

In this position, you will help develop technical products in support of the full scope of FFM program objectives.

Qualified applicants must possess the following skills and qualifications:

– Strong communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills
– Problem solving and analytical skills
– Creativity and innovation
– Minimum of 12 years of relevant work experience
– Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline, mathematics, or physics; advanced degree preferred

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

– Provide insight to assess the real-world feasibility of innovative and advanced capabilities, processes, and data analytics
– Identify ways to better leverage current processes, capabilities, and decision support tools to increase mission impact and empower FAA decision makers to improve NAS safety and efficiency
– Develop, review, and validate operational concepts and preliminary requirements
– Coordinate across FAA organizations and programs and internal teams
– Define system architectures
– Perform functional analysis
– Define system performance and design constraints
– Provide technical leadership and mentoring within and across projects
– Support risk management initiatives

Experience with the following is preferred:

– FAA TFMS, TBFM, and TFDM systems
– Emerging aviation technologies including UAS and commercial space operations
– FAA regulations, policies, and procedures
– Concept and requirements development

Applicants should email a resume to