Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Enabling Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operation in the National Airspace System (NAS) is not as much a technical feat as an integration and procedural one. Technical advancements in unmanned aircraft systems are occurring at an incredible pace fueled by economic potential. Addressing the safety, security, regulatory, and privacy issues that accompany UAS integration into the NAS is the real challenge. Such a challenge requires a carefully orchestrated integration of “soft science” elements into a complex computer system. At Cavan Solutions, we believe the best way to support the FAA with such a challenge is to provide personnel with expertise in all facets of the problem set and leverage data to manage risks and inform decisions.

Cavan principals have a wide range of experience with UAS in both DoD and civilian environments.  We have been involved in developing solutions for integrating large and small UAS (sUAS) into the NAS.  We also have extensive applied knowledge and experience in UAS research  and development, worldwide operations and piloting, air traffic operations, procedures development, and training.  The following are among the many UAS activities that Cavan staff have led or participated in:

  • Served as UAS Program Manager for the FAA’s Program Management Organization
  • Supported implementation activities for FAA Part 107, sUAS Regulations
  • Developed solutions to support FAA Part 107 sUAS Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC)
  • Supported UAS R&D activities including; NASA UAS Traffic Management (UTM), Focus Area Pathfinder Program, and UAS Detection Initiative
  • Conducted research and development for UAS C2 communications in the NAS
  • Developed UAS operational requirements for the NAS Voice System (NVS)
  • Developing the Operational Services and Environment Description (OSED) and operational concept for sUAS cargo delivery in the Mode C Veil
  • Served as Squadron Commander for a worldwide DoD UAS operation (MQ-1/MQ-9)
  • Directed UAS aircrew training, scheduling, and execution of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and counter-terrorism missions
  • Led effort to develop and execute MQ-1 Predator Flying Training program for first Air National Guard (ANG) Schoolhouse
  • Developed support infrastructure and procedures to allow MQ-1 Predators to support civil authorities during natural disasters, including Northern CA Rim Fire
  • Extensive experience operating UAS in National and International airspace
  • Led unit at leading edge of integrating UAS safely into NAS for incident response, exercises, and training
  • Developed cloud-like repository to share UAS performance and imagery data among DoD organizations

Our longstanding support of the FAA, NASA, and DoD provides us with a knowledge continuum that melds historical experience with NextGen transformation.  Our domain experience is complemented by practical experience applying rigorous methods and data analyses to solve problems.  

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the UAS domain, combined with our broad technical and operational background across NAS systems and domains, makes us uniquely qualified to support UAS programs and activities.