Customer Focus

Cavan is committed to understanding our customers’ objectives, operations, and constraints to provide support services that add value not merely complete tasks. With this approach, customers have come to rely on Cavan to lead on complex program initiatives, foster the teamwork required for success, anticipate issues before they become problems, and deliver results backed by sound engineering and operational awareness. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate measure of success.

Top Talent

The challenge of enhancing complex, mission critical systems demands exceptional technical support for managers tasked with delivery. Cavan specializes in building teams of experts that deliver results. We focus on achieving the best blend of technical and operational expertise because our experience shows this is the strongest value multiplier for Systems Engineering Technical Assistance (SETA) contractors. Our staff average more than 20 years of experience applying engineering, analytics, program management, and operations expertise to aviation, military, and space programs. We hold advanced degrees, PMP certifications, and Top-Secret security clearances.

Connect the Dots

Organizations that develop, operate, and maintain complex systems are often stove-piped. Dividing work into manageable pieces creates the reciprocal need for connecting the pieces. Cavan focuses on these connections – bridging the gaps between programs and organizations. We believe the value of a SETA contractor is significantly enhanced when a broad experience base is leveraged by a holistic focus – NAS-level thinking in the case of aviation. Delivering on the ability to connect the dots has made Cavan support indispensable to customers.